SilverStorm Reporting Engine

NightOwl - MSS - SilverStorm Reporting Engine - Reporting in Cloud as Service

NightOwl New SilverStorm Reporting Engine provides Reporting as a Cloud Service for hetrogenous security and non security devices. The benefits of the Reporting Service in cloud provides wide range of reports across different vendors in one single platform and costs are drastically reduced that are associated with customer managed solutions putting different reporting tools. This single platform will provide all the required reporting capabilities across different vendors with different devices for addressing the compliance standards, auditing purposes, forensics etc without any tools to manage. The costs are drastically reduced through the subscription model where customer can subscribe the services on demand to generate reports for auditing and meeting compliance standards.  CloudSafe Reporting takes the hard work for generting the reports, monitor the log events and also provides correlation capabilities that leap the benefits beyond what the customer would get from a normal reporting tools.  Secure-IQ NightOwl SilverStorm Reporting Engine uses the big data technologies to run data analysis, provide capabilities for wide range of infinite reporting capabilities, take advantage of offline and online log feed for report generation, uses heuristical analysis and statistical analysis (Hybrid approach) for log correlation identifying threats and anamolies.


1. Dramatically reduce the staff and management cossts of maintaining multiple reporting tools across different vendor devices. 

2. One Single Platform for all vendor reporting capabliities.

3. Offline/Online log feed for report generations.

4. Provide Hybrid Log Analysis (Heuristical/Statistical) for detecting threats for the security devices along with trending information.

5. Archiving customer event logs for later review.

6. On-Demand reports through subscription model for auditing and compliance.

7. Support for wide range of different vendor reporting models (Fortigate, Checkpoint, Cisco Netflow, Cyberoam, Juniper Netscreen, WatchGaurd, SonicWall, CyberGaurd etc)…

8. Easy to manage from one single service delivery platform. 


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