AuthentiQate Soft Token

Turns your mobile phone or laptop into a one- time password (OTP) system, or a gadget that is capable of receiving a soft token. Created to meet the needs of Enterprise and corporate customers, AuthentiQate Soft Token turns smartphones, mobile phones, and tablet clients into secure token-based OTP clients. Replaces hardware token systems and simplifies deployment, staffing, and administration to reduce upfront and ongoing costs.

The two-factor authentication is complete only when the hard token and the soft token are unified thereby creating a strong authentication platform which adds the layer of final protection for the merchant, organization and the user and completely securing the network system



+ Works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Java enabled mobile phones and remote desktop/laptop computers
+ Advanced customer web portal with usage tracking, administration, pin changes, anomaly detection, alerts, reporting, and fine grain security capabilities
+ Strong 256 bit AES encryption
+ Downloadable client software to the mobile device
+ Fully managed by the AuthentiQate Secure Access Manager
+ Supports multiple tokens and applications on a single device
+ Integrates with existing applications and services using HTTPS Servlet, Radius, and Secure Web Services
+ Built-in emergency distress signal


+ Dramatically strengthened customer application security
+ Lower total cost of ownership in comparison with hard token solution
+ Protects against ID theft, phishing, and other Web threats
+ Elimination of cumbersome hardware tokens
+ Secure online or offline deployment to a user’s mobile phone
+ Defends against man-in-the-middle attacks
+ Highly scalable and redundant system architecture
+ 99.9% system availability through distributed architecture
+ Scales to 100,000+ users

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