AuthentiQate SMS OTP Token

Strong, affordable two-factor authentication for mobile SMS OTP Token users. Millions of users across the globe use SMS-enabled mobile phones to send and receive short text messages. With SecureIQ’s new AuthentiQate SMS system, these same mobile phones can be turned into One Time Password (OTP) displays, commonly called as “SMS authentication” adding strong two-factor authentication to any IT application.

AuthentiQate SMS OTP Token strengthens remote access by utilizing the out-of-band SMS network to send secure One Time Passwords (OTPs) to end users. This proven technique eliminates the weaknesses inherent in standard user-id and password authentication. No additional software is required on the mobile phone, making client setup quick and easy.

As an enterprise class product, AuthentiQate SMS OTP Token or SMS authentication offers a complete set of administrative and reporting tools that scale to support thousands of end users. SMS authentication is one strong factor in the two-factor authentication process giving the user and the security system strong alerts and greater security.

AuthentiQate SMS OTP Token System

AuthentiQate SMS System


+ Strong two-factor authentication
+ Zero client software installation
+ Enterprise scalability and reliability; optional load-balancing and redundant configuration
+ Works in conjunction with the AuthentiQate Secure Access Manager
+ Integration modules and programming API’s supplied


+ Ideal for sensitive financial, corporate, and online applications
+ Reduced vulnerability to common attacks
+ Low up-front and recurring cost of ownership
+ Easily integrates with virtually any web and host computing system
+ Compatible with other AuthentiQate soft and hard token solutions

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