AuthentiQate Secure Gateway

Secure Gateway is an additional layer of strong security for legacy web servers and applications. With cyber attacks on the rise, legacy computer systems and web servers are more vulnerable than ever before. Despite this growing need, adding secure remote access to existing web applications can be difficult and expensive.

Our new AuthentiQate Secure Gateway (SG) solves this problem by front-ending physical web servers and adding strong two-factor authentication to existing applications. AuthentiQate SG works with SecureIQ’s wide range of hard and soft tokens and offers application firewalling to protect against common web attacks.

AuthentiQate Secure Gateway System

AuthentiQate SG System


+ Supports one time passwords (OTPs) and strong two-factor authentication
+ Hardware or software-based encryption and SSL acceleration for legacy web servers
+ Multiple server or cluster support with load balancing and traffic distribution
+ Caching of static and dynamic content
+ Content compression
+ Works in conjunction with the AuthentiQate Secure Access Manager (SAM)


+ Secure Gateway supports Application transparency, no need to rewrite or scrap aging web applications
+ Enterprise scalability and reliability
+ Improved system performance and reduced server load and response times
+ Reduced vulnerability to common web attacks
+ Saves time and money by extending the life of applications
+ Compatible with the AuthentiQate family of soft and hard tokens


Server Platform
- Available as a hardware appliance, software installation, or VMware virtual machine
- Hardened Linux OS
Operating System
- Application Middleware
- Load Balancer/Distributor
- Web Accelerator
- OTP SMS Gateway
- AuthentiQate OTP Gateway
- AuthentiQate Gateway Database
- Replication Integrator
- AuthentiQate Portal
Secure Gateway Soft Components
- OTP c200 hard token
- Soft tokens – smartphone, Java-enabled phone, laptop, iPad
- SMS token
Token Support
- Two-factor with OTPs, PAP, CHAP, EAP
Authentication Methods
- Gateways may be clustered for redundancy
Fault Tolerance
- Full web application masking, attacks never reach protected web application server
Vulnerability Protection
- Static and dynamic content caching for improved performance
- Active Directory and LDAP user databases
- SSL, in hardware or software

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