AuthentiQate Unified Strong Authentication Platform

AuthentiQate Unified Strong Authentication Platform

Hardware or software-based OTP generation providing strong two-factor authentication. AuthentiQate is the industry’s most complete multi-tenant and feature-rich secure access system that supports OATH standards. Using strong two-factor authentication techniques, AuthentiQate overcomes the weaknesses of standard user-id and static passwords and works with virtually any web or host application. The system supports a wide range of hard and soft tokens and includes a comprehensive set of administration, management, and reporting tools.

AuthentiQate System Architecture

Ease-of-use, reliability, and scalability in a turnkey authentication system.

AuthentiQate System Architecture


A Complete Two Factor Authentication Ecosystem

AuthentiQate offers a wide range of both hard and soft tokens to suit any organization’s needs. Our soft token and SMS solutions offer the utmost in convenience and affordability and work with almost any mobile phone on the market. For companies looking for hard token solutions, our OTP c200 offers portability, strong two-factor authentication, and a 6 to 8 character display in a small key chain sized unit. And our new Secure Gateway integrates with any of our hard or soft tokens to add strong authentication to legacy web applications. All of these applications are centrally managed by the AuthentiQate platform which includes a rich set of user registration, management, and reporting tools.


+ Strong two-factor authentication Modular design for flexible deployments
+ Powerful management and administration features
+ Works with hard or soft tokens, including smartphones, OTP dongles, mobile and SMS phones, and laptops
+ Auto and self-registration for simplified administration
+ Integrates with customer applications using RADIUS, Secure Web Services and HTTPS Servlets


+ Dramatically strengthened customer application security
+ Highly scalable and redundant system architecture with 99.9% availability
+ Cost effective with low total cost of ownership
+ Integrates with virtually any application and host platform
+ Simplified staffing and reduces management costs
+ Improved compliance
+ Expandable and future-proof

Secure IQ’s experts are constantly re-defining and searching for new ways that would enhance the “something you have and something you know” criterion which is the base of the two-factor authentication security system. They look to find newer factors and a unique combination of these factors to prevent phishing, identity theft, and expedition and other online frauds.

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Enhance security, eliminate hardware- based One Time Password generators, and save money.

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