Cyber attacks, network intrusions, and data breaches are an ever-increasing threat in today’s wired world of business. In 2009, the Ponemon Institute, a leading independent security research firm, found that the total cost of a corporate data breach (including data, business, and legal costs) reached $6.6 million per incident.

That’s why leading global security companies like Unisys use SecureIQ’s products to protect their valuable network and IT resources. SecureIQ offers enterprises and customers two separate platforms that can improve the network and IT security in any sized business.

Using the same advanced SIEM technology as our CloudSafe service, our NightOwl Managed Security Platform is a cost-effective standalone system that delivers advanced security monitoring and protection for any sized business. For businesses concerned with remote access and the protection of confidential or classified information, our AuthentiQate platform turns any mobile phone or PC into a highly secure and affordable token-based strong authentication system.

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