All the benefits of a dedicated onsite SIEM without all the complexity and staff costs associated with customer managed solutions. For Enterprise customers and MSSP’s reselling security services, we offer CloudSafe, a comprehensive scalable service built with carrier-class capabilities. CloudSafe takes the hard work out of network security by remotely monitoring critical network and computing resources in a customer’s environment. Syslog messages, traps, and alerts from customer premise devices are forwarded over an encrypted link to our MSOC, where they are collected, aggregated, and analyzed.

As a CloudSafe Security Provider we ensure Adaptability, Support and Scalability for your Network Security System

Global Security Monitoring

Global Security Monitoring

Our CloudSafe Security Solutions delivers a number of key benefits to customers and MSSPs. these include:

  • Reducing or eliminating security threats by proactively monitoring network intrusions, attacks, and security breaches in real time.
  • Dramatically reducing the staff and management cost of maintaining a high level of network security.
  • Applying intelligent rules and filters to security related events, so that only anomalous events are reported and background noise is eliminated.
  • Automatically generating alerts and trouble tickets for all relevant security related events.
  • Providing detailed performance statistics for monitored network and security devices along with trending information.
  • Archiving customer security event logs in our data warehouse for later review.

During the CloudSafe analysis process, we apply up to 56 different algorithms to the data, kicking out non-security related events and ensuring that our highly trained analysts see the best and most pertinent data available. In addition to detecting network intrusions and security issues, this system also captures important compliance data. CloudSafe’s customization capabilities and flexible architecture allow this service to be white labeled or rebranded by MSSPs. Enterprise customers also appreciate the service’s adaptability and support for a wide range of network components and managed devices.

Getting a  CloudSafe Security Solution up and running at a new customer location is straightforward and convenient. First, our data collection and aggregation appliance, the Sentinel, is installed in the customer’s network behind the firewall. Next, monitored network devices, firewalls, servers, and intrusion detection systems are defined in the ICE. At our MSOC, the remote customer site is then created and configured, where a custom set of rules and metrics is defined for each new customer. Once the new installation is up and running, MSSPs and customers can then remotely access our secure Web Portal and Trouble Ticket System to view the CloudSafe dashboard, security alerts, reports, and event details.

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