AuthentiQate Hard Token

Affordable hardware-based OTP generation with two-factor authentication. The OTP c200 token is a small key-chain hardware authenticator that offers user real mobility and flexibility. By simply pressing the button, the OTP c200 generates and displays a secure one-time password every 60 seconds (and optional 30 seconds), ensuring proper identification and allowing only authenticated user with authorized access to critical applications and sensitive data.

The OTP c200 complies with OATH standards for strong, universal authentication and provides cost-effective two-factor authentication for enterprise-wide secure information access.

The unit’s large LCD screen OTP c200 makes it easier to read the numeric digits, even in low light conditions. In addition, the added timer indicator on the left screen shows the time interval left before the next OTP generation.


+ Strong two-factor authenticator
+ Each OTP password is only valid for a short amount of time (60/30 sec)
+ Accurate internal real-time clock
+ Zero client software installation
+ Zero footprint authentication
+ Easy and fast integration in both centralized and distributed way
+ Compliant with OATH TOTP algorithm, seamless integration with 3rd-party systems
+ Support for a wide range of authentication and access gateway solutions to protect important information
+ Certified with CE and FCC
+ Compact form factor
+ Durable, water resistant construction
+ Fully supported by the AuthentiQate Secure Access Manager


On-Board Security Algorithm
- OATH TOTP Time-Based
- Built-in Button
- 6-8 Character LCD Screen
- Globally Unique Serial Number
Hardware Certification
- RoHS Compliant
Operating Temperature
- 14°F - 122°F, -10°C-50°C
Storage Temperature
- -4°F - 158°F, -20°C-70°C
Water Resistance Certificate
- IP68 (Ingress Protection)
- Hard molded plastic (ABS)
- Tamper evident
Secure Storage Medium
- Static Random Access Memory (RAM)
Battery Type
- Standard Lithium Battery
Battery Lifetime
- 3-5 years
Customization Available*
- Casing color
- Company logo
- Faceplate branding
* All customizations are quantity based

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